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Our Story

In July 2022, a group of financial analysts, editors, as well as marketing personnel were laid off from a financial publication.


After receiving the news, Paul Mampilly (former Lead Analyst) reached out to every member of the previous team. When Paul reached out to Dean (former editor), he suggested that Paul launch an independent financial publication.


Determined to give this idea a shot, Paul started a Slack Channel and invited his former colleagues to join him. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the reception he hoped for.


When Dean mentioned this to his wife, Brittany, she said GET PAUL ON THE PHONE!


The zoom call between the two was electric. In less than 1 hour they went from strangers, to cofounders of a business.


Brittany had never worked with Dean’s colleagues before, and yet, was poised to lead this group as the CEO. 


What happened next was groundbreaking: Our crowdfunding campaign raised $100,000 in 3 hours, and $300,000 over 3 weeks, to launch an independent financial publishing company.


Overnight, the team entered a highly competitive market, filled with million dollar financial publications. 

We sincerely thank everyone whose support has contributed to our launch and success.

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